Catching up with friends and family is a well deserved pastime, but it can be hard to find a weekly activity that everyone will enjoy. Even finding something to do that doesn’t seem completely monotonous or too damaging to the bank account can be a struggle these days, so save yourself an arm and a leg… How about a Pub Quiz!?

You can be assured that by attending a weekly Pub Quiz, you will definitely have something new in store on each occasion! Different questions and various topics mean you will be learning something new every week, or you’ll be showing off to those around you about how much you know about reality television stars or soap operas!

Attending a Pub Quiz means you can also double it up with a meal, as most Quiz Nights are held in traditional pubs, it’s a good excuse to chow down on some of that food you grew up enjoying surrounded by good company!

Lastly, a Pub Quiz isn’t going to leave you broke by the end of the night, that is assuming you’re not running up to the bar after every question for a victory shot of tequila! Most Quiz Nights will cost you a gold coin to play, which is definitely worth it considering the entertainment you will experience! Oh, and did we mention there are prizes, good ones too!

You can find out when and where we host our regular Quiz Nights on our website

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