Have you ever been hungry for a pub quiz but your friends are being erotimatikophobes? Of course you have, and since you understand that pub quizzes are awesome, what do you do? Well, Question One has the solution for you. Come alone!

Since quiz punters are some of the best people out there, a quiz is a great place to look for the perfect quiz team! So, fear not lonely genius, you can feel confident heading to your closest Question One quiz (see our easy to use Event Finder!), where our friendly and hospitable Quiz Host will help you find a team.

Our wonderful Hosts are a great influence on our players. As a result, our regulars are almost as kind and obliging as the Hosts themselves. It’s not at all unusual to have a solo player wander in searching for a team, or someone whose normal teammates didn’t make it to the quiz. In 6 years of hosting, I’ve never had one of my regular teams reject a solo player. After all, you’re a new person with a different set of knowledge who can only help their team win!

Another option is to convince your boss it’s a good idea to have a private, corporate team-building quiz. Maybe your perfect quiz team is lurking at work and you don’t even know about it! Also, you'll be the star of the office and likely get a raise!

Bottom line, you want to enjoy a quiz, we want you quizzing with us, so don’t let your fact-averse friends keep us apart! Head out to that local pub, have a cold beer and some delicious bar foods and enjoy some time away from home with the best pub quiz experience in London!


What happened to Question One?

If it feels like the company was taken over by an investment banker and the questions are now being selected by a central committee of lawyers by the Entertainment company formerly-known-as-Question-One, you would not be mistaken.

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