Heading into summer we have dozens of new poster designs.

Every year we commission top artists from around the world to make new posters for our regular quizzes and other events.

In the past we've commissioned posters from:

How do we know we have the best posters?

Because our competitors regularly steal them!  Sometimes they imitate but usually they just remove our logo and post them on Twitter and Facebook.

Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but then there's just stealing stuff and posting it on Facebook.


We've taken just a few samples from across Google image search but there are many many more.

Narran's pub quiz

Narran's pub quiz "borrowing" our 2017 design by Wildish&Co. (UK)

PubAid's poster looks familiar somehow...

To be fair, this one is mostly flattery and it also goes to a worthy charitable cause.

PubAid, left, imitates our 2014 posters by Rui Da Silva (PT)

Weekly Quiz, "the UKs #1 quiz company"?

So why then are they using one of our posters, every single week?  Also, they make the blues black which makes the design mostly worse.  I'm not sure Stephen Wildish, the designer of the poster, would approve.

So... we'd just like everyone to know, we have new designs for 2019!

We hope everyone enjoy's this year selection of designs, especially other quizzes. However if you're going to "borrow" our designs, all we ask is that you leave our logo there to credit where credit is due since we did commission and pay for them.

Special thanks to all our fantastic designers, past and present.  The fact that our posters show up in a simple "pub quiz" Google image search is testament to the quality and popularity of their designs.

This years new designs:

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