Looking for that leg up in your next Pub Quiz but don’t have what it takes to get there honestly, well, us Quiz Masters will happily help you out, for a price of course…

Firstly, we would like 50% of your overall winnings each week, that’s just the beginning, consider it a down payment.

We would also appreciate a hot meal at the pub, perhaps a fish and chips, or a roast, maybe a lobster or two.

Next, we need a mode of transport don’t we. If we are to travel around from quiz to quiz just to give you the answers you want you can’t expect us to sit on the bus or the train all day, no sir. An E-Class Mercedes Benz should do the trick, oh and we’ll also need you to pay for our fuel costs… Driving around the city during peak hours requires having a lot of juice in the tank.

Still looking for the answers, are we? No problem! It would really help to have a luxury yacht now that I think about, us Quiz Hosts have a crazy life, it would be amazing if we had an escape, say anchored somewhere off the coast of Santorini, can you make that happen…? Well if you want the answers then I sure hope you can!

Long story short… We will not give you answers for a beer, we will not give you answers for a pound, we are all for an honest quizzing experience. Second place isn’t the end of the world.

Come along and enjoy the good times, the entertainment and the laughs!

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