For some people, the team name is what going to a Quiz Night is all about, and for others it may be the only chance at actually winning something on the night!

But nailing a perfect Quiz Night team name isn’t easy, it’s bloody satisfying though. Especially when the whole room erupts with laughter at your stroke of genius, even the bartender might hop on over and hand you a free pint to congratulate you on your brilliance.

The trick is to not try too hard. It’s easy to spot a team name that has been too carefully executed, usually they don’t receive the applause they may or may not deserve. But after weeks and weeks of hearing the same jokes we all crave something fresh.

Stay Relevant!

An up to date pun is always worthy of a few laughs. With topics being so fresh in our minds, it usually is an opportunity for punters to get really creative and generate the name out of nowhere, on some occasions being the first Quiz Team using this name, that is of course before it spreads across the Quizzing World like wildfire!

Keep It Light-hearted!

Everybody loves a joke, some more than others, and there is nothing wrong with that at all! Picking on certain events of the past, celebrities and anything topical is always a sure way to receive a few laughs during the night!

Don’t Try Too Hard!

Don't dig too deep though. Remember you're thinking of a Quiz Team name, not attempting to land a rocket on Mars. We can tell when a team name is forced, it usually doesn't receive the grand reception as other names do, usually leaving the proud creator slightly dissapointed!

Remember, a great Quiz name can boost the spirits of the team and the entire room of Quizzers as well!

So have a think, keep it cool and at the end of the day, if it makes you chuckle, that's all that really matters!

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