How you doin' Friends fans, we have something exciting coming up for you!

The Question One 'Friends' themed Quiz night will be happening at The Drapers Arms on Thursday, April 4th, kicking off at 8pm.

We'll be testing you on TV's favourite friendship, seasons 1 through 10, from the memorable to the obscure and everything in between.

Remember Gunther? Ugly Naked Guy? Phoebe's songs and her spiritual beliefs? Ross and Rachel's on and off romance? If not, might be a good idea to brush up on those quirky facts!

There are 236 episodes of Friends with a 20 minute length average, let's say that's roughly 80 hours of televison, it might seem crazy, but it surely is possible!

If you start right now you may just be able to make our Quiz Night ahead of the competition!

So jump on Netflix, or get out those DVD box sets depending on how big of a fan you are and of course tell your friends to join, I'm sure they'll all be there for you!

Thursday, April 4th, 8pm at The Drapers Arms, see you there!

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