Once upon a time, on a quaint yet raucous Saturday night, inside the cosy and magical walls of The Golden Gate Hotel, we held a Disney Themed trivia night!

We revisited all of our favourite Disney classics and refreshed the memories of everyone involved, who can now happily tell you that Sleepy had the longest beard of all of the Seven Dwarfs!

Themed trivia nights are just one of the many unique events Question One has on offer. Available all year round, a themed trivia night is a change of a pace from a regular trivia event and consistently shows a heightened level of interest.

Successful themed trivia events are built around subjects that people have identified with throughout their lives, which means it does not necessarily have to be a hot topic at this very moment.

Aside from Disney, we have held themed events based on Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Quentin Tarantino and Friends. We can even hold themed events based on popular holidays, such as Christmas, Easter and even a special Valentine’s Day loving quiz affair.

We will tailor the night based around your proposals. That includes compiling the questions, supplying the host and putting on a truly memorable show!

The happy faces in the photos says it all… Contact us with ideas for your very own themed trivia night!

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