Winning a Pub Quiz is a great experience, but winning the Cash Jackpot at the end of the night as well is fantastic!

For those who don’t already know, at many of our regular London quizzes we hold a special game which takes place once the initial quiz has been completed. This crazy Rolling Jackpot puts everyone who took part in the quiz into one last final showdown, regardless of how they scored during the evening.

This means that a team could finish towards the bottom of the table during the quiz, only to then resurrect for the Jackpot and take home the cash prize that has been accumulated.

It works in a simple way, half of the entry fee from each night is put away into the jackpot and if the jackpot is not won, the prize increases, and continues doing so until it is claimed!

That’s where YOU come in!

Come along to one of our Quiz Nights to see it in full swing!

You can find more information on which of our Quiz Nights host our Cash Jackpot here:

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