We’ve covered cheaters, now let’s cross into our next batch of unsavoury contestants, hecklers!

Now don’t get me wrong, us quiz hosts love some great banter thrown across the room, however, there is a time and a place. After all, we are trying to put on a spectacular evening of entertainment, and we would appreciate if you would allow us to successfully do so.

Family Pubs

Don’t you hate rocking up to a family pub and having to deal with noisy kids who shout out the answers in between sips of their sodas. I’m trying to run a nice event here, but these kids on their sugar highs think that they can run around yelling answers, not on!

The Shouters

If you know the answers GREAT! Now keep it to yourself and your quiz team, nobody else cares! We all know the pyramids are located in Egypt, you don’t have to shout out Mongolia for a bit of attention, you're not throwing anybody off!

"I Found Another Answer!"

Good on you champ, you found another right answer, now you don’t have to shout it out in front of everyone. Come and see us after the quiz and report your findings, nobody likes a know it all and people like loud know it alls even less.

People Who Don't Play But Then Play...

If you want to play then good on ya, but please, do not tell us you are not interested in partaking in the quiz, only to stand at the bar for the duration of the event shouting out answers or walking around telling different tables the answers! If you have the answers, then play the game!

So Quizzers of the world, remember, be respectful and may the best team win!

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