What an evening we had on Thursday in Hevre. It was an evening with “Friends” and among friends! 26 teams joined Question One themed quiz about “Friends”. There were birthdays, a prize for getting married soon, a story about Adi’s mysterious hand injury and there was a lot of fun!

 The range of categories included questions about Phoebe's songs, Rachel’s baby theft, Ross’ “trip to the Sun”, Joey’s sexual partners and Monika’s nickname while playing hockey!!! All the teams proved that the TV Show “Friends” is still present in our hearts & minds and watching it for the hundred’s time is never going to be boring!

 Many teams displayed their creativity while replying to questions in English! The scores were very close to each other and only one point decided ultimate victory; who went back home with first or the second prize. All this in a fantastic atmosphere and even video making from one of our partners: the publishing house SQN, who came with a pre-edition of “Friends” book that will be fully published in September!

 “Happy Three Friends” proved to be the winners of the quiz and left with prizes sponsored by Question One (posters), Hevre (150 PLN voucher), Squash4You (entry vouchers) and books about Friends from SQN. Just behind the 3 friends “The one without the name” received prizes from EscapeCity( 160PLN voucher), more prebooks from SQN, and Friends posters! Two teams had to answer additional questions as they were tied and finally “The one with the Smartest” received prizes sponsored by Question One (socks) and entry vouchers for the Krakow Standup Comedy.

 This was our last edition of Friends before October 2019, get ready, watch Friends again and come and join us for other themed quizzes and regular events.

 See you soon for Sex and the City, Marvel, Harry Potter and many more!

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