It was an exciting night at Hevre with a fully packed house full of 'Friends' fans eager to see who's the biggest fan and knows the most. A sea of fans eagerly awaited the final results and didn't know what to expect.

Some of the questions were easier to guess but many really stumped the biggest fans. There was also a lot of debate over which of the friends' star has kissed all of the others.

Only a few fans remember the finer details of the show and others struggled to remember yet they swore it was on the tip of their tongue. It was an exciting 1st half with 2 teams tied for the 1st spot and others very close behind. Things changed in the second half as the questions got tougher and the competition, fiercer.

Eventually, we did end up with a tie for the 1st place as well as the 2nd form last place which was resolved by a very interesting tie-breaker. No one got the exact answer but the closest answer gave us our ultimate winners who were crowned the biggest 'Friends' fans of the night. The 2nd and 3rd place winners were only behind by a couple of points but I know that they will be back next time to win the title.  

With some super exciting prizes on offer, all fans are eagerly awaiting the next edition of the Quiz as much as we are. The winner teams left with vouchers from Hevre, EscapeCity and Squash4You. Some lucky ones will have a chance to watch Krakow StandUp Comedy and wear happy Question One Socks!

Will we have new winners next time or will our last winners remain the biggest fans? Well, all we have to do is wait and find out. Until next time, keep binge-watching Friends and hope to see you all soon!

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