Yesterday was a very special Harry Potter Quiz with Question One at our beloved venue- Hevre. Potterheads from all parts of the city far and wide showed up in all their magical enthusiasm to prove who is the biggest fan of them all.

As the room filled up with a sea of faces sporting the signature round glasses, we had almost a mini Harry Potter convention on display. With more than 100 participants and over 25 teams, it was indeed a sight to behold.

Potterheads are some of the most passionate fans out there in the universe of pop-culture and it was pretty evident. With glee in their eyes and excitement to match the first day at Hogwarts, we jumped right into the quiz. My attempts at humour were not well received as all these Wizards and Witches were indeed quite 'Sirius'...
With smooth sailing through the treacherous 1st half, we had a tie right away for the 1st and 2nd place so we knew that the end was going to be very close.

As the beers were refilled, so was the appetite for more questions. We started the 2nd half with a lot of hope for the others to catch up but the questions only got tougher from there on, as they always do. This was the time for the real hardcore fans to shine and many even contested some of the questions.

I was fairly lenient and only the most terrible of spelling mistakes were unforgiven. After all, as a wizard, you can't really misspell a spell, can you? That would be a total muggle move. As we neared the end, we could see teams literally biting their nails in anticipation.

Finally, we had our winners but not without a tie-breaker for the second form last position. Eventually, we decided to give away prizes to both the last and second from last teams before we moved on to the announce the excellent result of the ultimate winning team- 'The UndeFEETables' (pun surely intended).

A super close victory with only a 1 point lead compared to the second team, it was a real close one, phew! We know that coming 1st amongst 25 odd teams is no easy task and the rewards were definitely worth it. Eventually, we can all agree that every single participant had a lot of fun because after all, that's all that matters. You could say that it was probably due to the magic potion called Beer. Alas, it was definitely time for "Tarantallegra"!

The organizers, partners and sponsors of the event were Question One, Hevre,, Kraków StandUpComedy and Gamescape.

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