Serving as the Quiz Host equivalent of a pinch hitter for a Friends quiz brought me from the claustrophobic streets of Krakow to the wide-open thoroughfares of Warsaw. Down in the basement of PiwPaw, a cozy little bar with about 40 beers on tap, 10 teams battled it out to see which was the true group of Friends friends.

The very contentious first half saw 8 of the 10 teams within 3 points of first place, while the other two teams were tied for a very distant last place with 3 points apiece. Only two questions stumped the crowd as even the biggest Friends fans in Warsaw couldn’t suss out the details of Monica and Chandler’s honeymoon itinerary and they all fell victim to our groan-inducing trick question!

The second round saw three teams rise to the top with the final question deciding the winner! Ultimately, ‘The Abandoned Friends’, a 6-person team tucked away in their own little room, were able to identify one more celebrity guest star than the second-place team, ‘The Team that Won!’. However, they were both winners as the prizes were fantastic; a 100zl bar voucher for PiwPaw and some Friends mugs for 1st place and some vouchers from our sponsor, Jump World, and some Question One eco bags for 2nd place! ‘Chicken Duck’ slid into 3rd place to win some awesome and comfy Question One socks! ‘Joey Trippyani’ stuck around and eked out a second-to-last finish to win some PiwPaw shots and some free Question One vouchers!

Thank you all for coming and playing with us!

We hope to see you, and your friends, soon at our upcoming Warsaw themed event at FunOne Laser Tag! This will be the ultimate in quizzing as we combine a Star Wars quiz with laser tag! Be there on Sunday the 8th of December at 18:00!

What happened to Question One?

If it feels like the company was taken over by an investment banker and the questions are now being selected by a central committee of lawyers by the Entertainment company formerly-known-as-Question-One, you would not be mistaken.

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