Here at Evenchilada we have a wide selection of virtual events (and in person events) to choose from and a lot of the time, clients come to me looking for inspiration, quite frequently asking ‘what is my favourite event?

Now of course all of our events are awesome! But I decided to put together a list of my top 3 favourite Evenchilada virtual events to help inspire you for your next virtual team event:

1: Music Bingo

This is a no-brainer for me! Music Bingo is by far one of my favourite events. Even before events moved online, Music Bingo was always my top choice! I’m a big music fan, so anything with music will always capture my attention. The best part is everyone enjoys it because the songs are all popular, classic tunes, and it is really hard not to start singing along.

The event is simple but super fun and a great choice for any occasion - work event, birthday party, wedding reception…

🎸 Bingo
Bingo with a funky twist!

2: Games Night

I definitely have a competitive streak in me, and therefore Games Night is another favourite of mine! There are lots of combinations of games to choose from, however, my favourite combo for a virtual event is: Fictionary, Wiki Games and Mini Trivia! Honestly, Wiki Games can get very competitive! One of the great things about Games Night is that there is something for everyone in one event.

Games Night
Mind-boggling word and picture games to liven up your next virtual, in-person or hybrid event.

3: Paint & Sip

This is an event I discovered when the first lockdown happened, and it is one of those events I can’t believe I didn’t know about before. The concept is simple - Create a painting guided by an artist while enjoying a tasty drink… or two! I find it very relaxing and working in the events industry it is great to take some time out and relax, all while creating something I can hang up on my wall! Some clients have chosen to add a mini mixology workshop beforehand to make drinks to enjoy while they paint. I think this is a perfect Friday afternoon event option for any team!

🎨 Paint & Sip 🍷
Get a little tipsy while creating art!

Bonus event ……… Murder Mystery!

I have included our Murder Mystery as a bonus event as I often get asked what is our most popular event and that would be our Murder Mystery! Created from scratch by our horror movie-loving colleague, Stacy. He was able to use his passion and knowledge for horror movies to create an awesome (always scary) event! Fun fact, in 2020 this was the most popular choice for virtual holiday parties…! Now that the event is so popular, he is continuously creating new scenarios for people to enjoy time and time again.

🔪 Murder Mystery
An Evenchilada version of the classic game of whodunnit!

Hopefully, my top picks have helped you choose your next virtual event! Still don’t know? Get in touch and I can help you plan the perfect event for your team!

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