Hello World!

These are exciting times for us as we bring our lovely product, Evenchilada, to you! As the “About Us” section says, we are indeed “a group of absolute weirdos from all over the world”. We have people from Ireland, the United States (including 3 Texans!), Poland, Russia, and the Netherlands, all with our own unique background in events and beyond.

What brought us together is our love for games. One person met another at a pub quiz. That person knew this couple who loved to play Pandemic!, Arkham Horror and Carcassonne. After our group grew to 6 people, we started a weekly game night. Then it was twice a week. Then COVID-19 hit us, and we had to isolate.

We tried moving game night online but playing Arkham Horror, etc. over a Zoom call proved to be too arduous. We still wanted to get together however, so we started to develop games that are more 'virtual friendly'. A quiz led to bingo, which led to word games like Fictionary and Cards Against Humanity. Then we started mixing them together. Starting out the night with a little Fictionary then doing a short quiz followed by some bingo proved to be as awesome as it sounds!

Then one of us had the bright idea to bring our glorious game night to the public. After all, we all had backgrounds in events and business development. A couple of us knew how to build a website so we decided to go for it and that’s how Evenchilada was born!

Sometimes quitting your day job pays off!

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