A few years ago, when I heard the word ‘hybrid’ I just associated it with cars (excuse the ignorance!). But now it is a word I hear on a daily basis used to describe a type of team and working environment.

I believe many of us have learnt that old working patterns no longer need to be the norm. We have adapted and proven that we can work either completely remote or in a hybrid environment.

So what exactly is hybrid? From speaking with various clients, hybrid can be a mix of working some days remotely and some days in the office. For others, it may mean some people in the office and others completely remote. Regardless of the structure, hybrid essentially means that some people will be in person and others virtually.

This new structure may prove difficult for HR managers and others trying to organize team-building activities.

Here are our key points and tips for having hybrid events:


We recommend having a virtual live host for your hybrid event. From our experience, this allows those remote to feel just as engaged as those in the office. The host being virtual can give a more personal feel. If they were in a live aspect and streamed live for those remote, it would be a lot more difficult for the host to engage with those virtually.

Workshop/ Learning Experience

Here at Evenchilada, we are seeing an increase in demand for workshops. These events, where participants come together to learn or create something, are perfect for the hybrid environment. Currently, the most popular choice amongst our clients is our Mindfulness Workshop because it focuses on the team’s wellbeing and equips them with techniques that they can incorporate into their daily lives.


Even if you are not planning a specific team-building event, try to incorporate some teamwork into your event. For example, if you are booking an event to entertain your team on a Friday afternoon, our Murder Mystery combines both fun and development with teamwork. This allows your team to not only enjoy themselves but to improve the way they work together.

Don’t shy away from hybrid events, there are plenty of great event options for having the best hybrid event.

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