How many times have you got lost deep in the internet in the early hours of the morning? One click leads to another and soon you are some random page that has nothing to do with what you were looking at before.

Well, guess what? We have a way to test your ability to get from one page to another - Wiki Games!!

The challenge is to get from the starting page, as assigned by our performer, to the target page in the fewest clicks!

Two Types of Wiki Games!

We also have two ways to do it! ‘Nick Cage Golf’, where you start at a random page and try to get to Mr. Cage’s page in the least amount of clicks...or ‘strokes’. If you can beat a par 8, you just might win!

Our other game is ‘Rando-Tron’. In this game our performer gives you both the starting and target pages. You can use the target page info to help guide you but be warned, there are some pitfalls mixed in to stymie your quest for victory!

Our Wiki Games are an amazing added extra to any of our already awesome events. They can also be surprisingly and extremely competitive!

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