As we approach 2 years of COVID, many of us have become working from home, online conference warriors. While some of the global workforce is now returning to the office, for many, remote working is a permanent change.

Throughout this ordeal, we have had to change how we approach live events. Before the end of 2019, we were firmly entrenched in in-person events at bars and restaurants, etc. We had conferences where we brought in co-workers from locations from all over the world to one place to get to know each other and have a little fun.

When the pandemic hit and we were forced out of the public sphere, our basic need for entertainment didn’t go away. In fact, we all probably became more hungry for it while we were stuck at home with the same people, the same surroundings, and the same games. So, virtual entertainment was thrust onto the world stage. From December 2019 to December 2020 virtual events went up by 3576% worldwide. I totally made that up, but I’m sure the actual number is just as staggering.

Well, what now?

We’re sort of in this weird limbo where some aren’t returning to the office, some are. The parade of virus variants is in full force, and the challenges of getting everyone vaccinated are acting as roadblocks to normal living.  Bars are open and in-person events are coming back but uncertainty is keeping things from returning to the way they were. And they probably never will return to those days.

In-Person Corporate Events

What is back, as people return to the office, or at least are able to commiserate with each other face to face again, is in-person corporate events. Whether it be that massive multi-branch company Christmas party or just a little team building at the local pub, we are here to help by bringing our unique brand of amazing Evenchilada entertainment.

Introducing Hybrid Events

All this is why it’s important, as an events company, to be as flexible as possible. Evenchilada will still, and always will, offer the same amazing virtual events no matter what happens. We will also be a part of the resurgence of in-person events. However, many people, including your co-workers, liked getting to know those overseas colleagues and playing awesome virtual games with them. They will miss each other’s company when they go to that next in-person quiz or music bingo event. They will miss their creative thinking when they are in the midst of a murder mystery or round of Evenchilada Feud. Well, flexible we are and we have a solution for those ‘problems’ as well. The hybrid event.

Ah, the wonders of technology! You can go ahead and book some tables at your local pub and take your office staff out for a night of exciting trivia and include those working remotely or in other office locations anywhere in the world. You can all play along! This also works with an in-person or virtual performer.

The ultimate in flexibility, Evenchilada can offer you events, however, whenever, and wherever you want. It also helps that our events are of the utmost quality. You can see what others think by their reviews but we think you should see for yourself by booking your event today.

DO IT!!!!

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